Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 R3 New Features – Inventory and warehouse management

In previous article we have covered the several features that are added or changed in Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 R3. In this article we will cover the detail of the features that are added or changed in module Inventory and warehouse management.

Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 R3 includes new Warehouse and Transportation management modules that are enabled by a single configuration key, along with the previously released Warehouse management II module.

Users should enable the configuration key for each of these modules, but not both, in a single-instance, single-partition deployment. Although technically feasible, enabling the configuration keys for both of these modules in a single-instance, single-partition deployment is not supported by Microsoft.

Following are the new features in Inventory and warehouse management module:

Compare item prices: The Compare item prices report enables you to compare the prices in a costing version to the pending prices in another costing version or to the active prices as per an effective.

For standard costs, the report compares the aggregate level and the cost rollup level:

At the aggregate level: Report compares the total aggregated cost per item, item variant, and site

At the cost rollup level: Report compares the cost rollup for each cost group per item, item variant, and site.

BOM journal posting: The posting routine in the BOM journal is redesigned and enhanced.

When you post a BOM journal, you post the journal to inventory profit and loss accounts instead of production WIP accounts. The imbalance expires and does not remain on the WIP account. For actual costs, a negative BOM journal leaves a balance on the WIP account.This imbalance is posted to general ledger as profit and loss.

Inventory aging report: displays the on-hand quantity, inventory value, and the related aging periods for a selected item or an item group. You can use the report parameters to filter the data that will be displayed in the report.


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