Microsoft Dynamics AX Business processes Management

Business Process Management for Microsoft Dynamics TM AX provides the actionable information you need to develop and manage your business processes by identifying key factors that support your business strategy.


  • Increase the knowledge and motivation of your employees by communicating key strategies and progress.
  • Establish the link between high-level strategic planning and operational-level execution
  • Get a more holistic view of your business processes.
  • Improve productivity by helping ensure that employees follow the correct sequence of actions in a business process Track the status of all actions and check that they are followed up appropriately.
  • Assess current performance levels, identify strengths and weaknesses, and outline improvement initiatives.

Helps ensure that all employees, managers and executives have the same understanding and agree with these key driving elements for the organization

Effective planning and action-oriented information

Making a decision and following through with appropriate action is easier when your employees have a goal or strategy in mind. Action-oriented information is essential when setting clear goals for individuals or businesses.

Focus on goals and actions

Help ensure that strategic processes become a natural part of every employee’s daily work and get the most value from your resources. Create a shared understanding of the organization’s focus and goals.

Flexible action management

Business Process Management in Microsoft Dynamics AX helps users establish and manage actions. When you set up actions, the program automatically helps ensure that your employees follow a standard structure, with follow-up as a natural part of action planning. Using the structured and intuitive tools of Business Process Management, your employees can focus on what’s important, by defining personalized actions, setting their own priorities, and selecting and sorting various types of information such as action status, responsible persons and date intervals.

Accelerate business performance

Align managers and employees with your business strategy and improve accountability by directly linking the daily work employees to the company’s strategic goals, and plainly show each employee how their efforts contribute to company results.

Increase transparency in your business processes

Increase your employees’ motivation and productivity by letting people at all levels openly see the measures that matter to them. You can still help maintain the security of your business information because managers have the ability to control access to sensitive data.


Strategic Planning:

Identify, control and monitor the progress of your business’s overall strategy or an employee’s individual development plan. You can either set up the plan as a main plan or a sub-plan with accompanying references.

Best Practice Template:

Establish procedures for regular tasks that are in accordance with your company’s best practice policy. Templates give you an unlimited choice in the number of actions that you can simultaneously create and distribute to the responsible people.

SWOT Analysis:

Register SWOT analysis results. To create Open Dynamics AX go to Sales and marketing > Common > Campaigns > All campaigns. On the Action Pane, on the General tab, in the Set up group, click SWOT analysis. Use this form to enter the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats (SWOTs) of your competitors for a selected quotation.

Action Planning:

Decide which data in Microsoft Dynamics AX should be used to create the foundation for action-oriented efforts such as campaigns, customer satisfaction, employee performance reviews and recruitment tasks and control which tasks are delegated to individual employees. To create action planning open Dynamics AX and go to Human Resources > Periodic > Planning > Action plans .

Actions Management:

Employees can define personalized actions, set their own priorities, and select and sort various types of information such as status, responsible persons and date intervals.

Action Pan

There are two ways you can customize an action pane:

    • You add an action pane to a new form.
    • You add tabs, groups, or buttons to an existing action pane.

You use the action pane buttons to perform a specified action. The typical action pane should include buttons that create, edit, and delete records, export to Excel, and handle attachments for records. You can add other buttons that perform additional actions using the records or information that appears in the form.

Response and Tracking:

Manage respond to actions, create diverted actions, and require actions between employees. Setup the system so that a given response automatically suggests a new action.

Microsoft® Outlook® integration:

Send actions as e-mail or create as tasks in Microsoft Outlook.

Every user who wants to integrate Microsoft Dynamics AX and Microsoft Outlook must complete this procedure:

  • Click Home > Setup > Microsoft Outlook setup wizard.
  • Click Next >.
  • On the Employee setup page, verify that the worker name and user ID are correct, and then click next>.
  • On the Microsoft Outlook synchronization page, click Use current Microsoft Outlook profile to select the user ID and the contact, task, and calendar folders from your Outlook profile.

If you want to select different contact, task, and calendar folders, click the corresponding buttons.

  • To select another folder, click Pick contact Microsoft Outlook folder, Pick task Microsoft Outlook folder, or Pick appointment Microsoft Outlook folder.

To clear the selected folders, click Clear Microsoft Outlook folders.

  • Enter the number of days before the current date and after the current date for which you want to synchronize Outlook appointments and tasks.
  • Click Next >, and then click Finish.

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