Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 Security Policies Extensible Data Security (XDS)

In previous article we were talking about permissions on application elements . In this article we are going to go through high level detail of Security policies for Extensible Data Security.


The extensible data security framework is a new feature in Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 that can enable developers and administrators to provide comprehensive data security using rich policies.

The following information is used in XDS security policies.

Constrained table:

This table or tables hold the data filtered based on the policy.

Primary table:

This table is used to determine how data is filtered. For example, for a filter based on an employee, the primary table would be the HcmWorker table.

Policy query:

This query is used to return data from the primary table that is then used to filter the data in the constrained table.


This controls the circumstances under which the policy is applied.

There are two types of context:

  • Role contexts means the policy is applied if the user is assigned to the role.
  • Application contexts means the policy is applied based on information set by the application.

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