Sub Reports within Microsoft dynamics AX SSRS Reports

While trying to add a subreport  to an existing report there is something that need to be followed in order for a sub report to work within Dynamics AX.

  1. Put both reports within the same project (model project within Visual studio)
  2.   Right Click on the sub report and choose properties. You have to manually type in the report name you want to use instead of being given a dropdown like normal SSRS
  3.   Include the design name (ReportName.Report, ReportName.PrecisionDesign1, etc…) within the report name mentioned in step 2.
  4.  Deploy the report to the same folder on the SSRS server
  5. (you may need to “move” your report into StaticReports> language> folder)
  6.  Previewing of subreports does not work within visual studio for AX sub reports. Once you follow steps 1-4 you should be able to add the model to the AOS. Then deploy your modified report and the subreport should show up correctly whenever you call the report from AX.

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