Introduction to Microsoft Dynamics® AX 2012 – Client Workspace Switch Between Companies

Microsoft Dynamics AX supports multiple companies within one instance of the application. The title bar displays the current company account that the user is working in. Some users find it useful to have multiple workspaces open when they work simultaneously across multiple company accounts.

End-users can switch between companies in different ways:

  • Open a different company from the Address bar by clicking the arrow icon to the left of the company ID
  • Click the company ID displayed in the Status bar. This displays a list of companies available. Click OK to switch to the selected company within the same workspace or New Workspace to open the company in a separate workspace.Switch Between Company
  • Security controls which companies a user can access. You can configure security within a company so a user may have more or less access in other companies.

View setup in another company

User usually works in Contoso US but wants to see the vendor groups used in the Contoso Europe company.

Follow these steps to open Contoso Europe in another workspace and check vendor groups.

  1. Click the dat company ID displayed in the status bar.Switch Between Company1
  1. Following popup window will open, select tst company ID.testSelect
  1. Click New Workspace.newWorkSpace


  1. Open the Accounts Payable module by using the address bar or navigation pane.


  1. Vendor groups are part of the general setup of the Accounts Payable module. Use either the navigation pane or area page to open Setup – Vendors – Vendor groups.


Click on vendor group following vendor group form will open


  1. Click Close to close the Vendor groups form.
  2. Click the Close button in the Title bar to close the tst workspace.
  3. An infolog is displayed to notify you that you are returning to the dat company. Click Close.



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