Introduction to Microsoft Dynamics® AX 2012 – Client Workspace Menu Items and Area page

Menu Items and Area page

The article on Microsoft Dynamics AX Client Workspace  , today we are going to explore Menu Items and Area page Menu items are used to launch all list pages, forms, inquiries and reports.

Area page: displayed within the content pane when a module is selected. It displays all menu items relevant to that module. They are grouped logically to make it easier for end-users to find what they need. You can expand or collapse groups by clicking the arrow next to the name.

Common: contains the most commonly used menu items for an application module. Most menu items in this group are designed to quickly find a record or group of records and then perform an action with those records.

Journals: used for posting transactional data. A journal details which transactions occurred and which accounts were affected. Menu items in this group provide access to forms for interacting with journals.

Inquiries: designed for read-only access to information in an onscreen form. They enable search and analysis of data without needing to generate a traditional report. This menu group provides access to forms used for inquiry.

Reports: designed to display data in a printable report format.

Periodic: contains menu items for forms that are used periodically. They often are used for bulk updates to a set of records.

Setup contains menu items that maintain the general setup of features related to the selected module.

Commonly used menu items can be added to an end-user’s Role Center or to their favorites list in the navigation pane. This makes it faster and easier to access areas of the application that are used most frequently.



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